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Nature's Kitchen Freeze-Dried Seafood

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Nature's Kitchen PREMIUM grade freeze-dried Alaskan Pollock is a mild flavoured fish that should be popular with any fish eater.  A very soft texture allows easy chewing by even the oldest of pets.

   13 g  bag

 $ 3.50

   29 g  bag

 $ 6.00

   85 g  bag

 $ 16.00


Nature's Kitchen PREMIUM grade freeze-dried CAPELIN are loved by many cats & by any dogs that like fish.  They are mostly female & are harvested for their roe (eggs), a sort of 'poor man's caviar'.  Their fishy smell, along with the smell & taste of the egg residue makes them irresistable to fish eaters.

   57 g  bag

$  7.75

   125 g  bag

$  16.00 

   325 g  bag

$  39.00






Nature's Kitchen PREMIUM grade freeze-dried SALMON is wild-caught for superior nutrition.  It is rich in Omega fatty acids.  The skin is still attached to some pieces, providing extra chewing and maximizing the healthy oil content.  Salmon powder is an excellent puremeat flavour enhancer for finicky eaters and older animals.  It is easily spooned or sprinkled onto daily food.

   26 g  bag

 $ 5.50

   60 g  bag

 $ 9.75

   146 g  bag

 $ 22.00

   400 g  bag

 $ 55.25

   245 g  bucket

 $ 37.50

   760 g  bucket

 $ 94.00

   42 g  bag  Salmon Powder

 $ 10.50

   105 g  bag  Salmon Powder

 $  22.75

Salmon, Large Chunks

Nature's Kitchen PREMIUM grade freeze-dried SALMON 'Large Chunks' are excellent for larger dogs.

   57 g  bag   Large Chunks

$  9.50

   127 g  bag   Large Chunks

$  19.50




Nature's Kitchen PREMIUM grade freeze-dried SHARK meat contains small pieces of natural cartilage that provide extra chewing.  Shark cartilage is also believed to have medicinal properties as a food source of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Shark meat has a stronger fishy smell (almost ammonia-like) than many other fish.  Less enthusiastic fish eaters may find it too strong.  Try a small bag the first time in order to see how your fish eater likes it.  If acceptance is poor, smash it down into tiny pieces & add to wet food.

   29 g  bag

  $ 5.00

   75 g  bag

 $ 10.00

   194 g  bag

 $ 24.00

   450 g  bag

 $ 51.00



Nature's Kitchen PREMIUM grade freeze-dried SMELT are dried whole with all organs intact for superior nutrition.  They are popular with most fish eaters.  Freeze-drying preserves their appearance and texture, unlike other forms of drying.

   17 g  bag

 $ 3.50

   38 g  bag

 $ 5 75

   102 g  bag

 $ 14.25

   150 g  bucket

 $ 21.75



Nature's Kitchen PREMIUM grade freeze-dried TILAPIA is mildly flavoured and popular with most fish eaters.  Soft texture allows easy chewing by the youngest & oldest fish eaters.

   17 g  bag

$ 4.25

   41 g  bag

$ 7.50

   110 g  bag

$ 18.75

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